Friday, March 17, 2017

Term 1 2017 Student Goal Review

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
To learn the time on analog clocks. And to be able to teach my friends how to use analog clock.

Spending time at home for home learning.
Practice telling the time

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
To get better at number knowledge.

Learn some harder number knowledge.
Practice maths at home
Be actively involved in maths workshops and complete follow up tasks

Friday, March 3, 2017

Learning Plan Review

Multicultral Week

On Tuesday (the 21st) it was Multicultural Day, some parents came to teach us about some different countries/cultures. The first rotation I had was sort of like art, but the Chinese name for it was Spring. Something I learnt was that it was called Spring and that if you put it up to a window then the sun will shine through it and it will make a sort of pattern.

After we learnt Spring we went into our next rotation, CHOPSTICKS! I haven't properly used chopsticks before, but I was excited to learn! When the lady went to teach us I couldn't really see because there were so many people crowding her. So when I went to get a jellybean it was really hard, I had to try and try and then I after about 10 minutes of trying to get one I got one! Then it was time for the next rotation and it was Henna. The girls got to go first for Henna, and while we were lining up the boys and the other girls that could have Henna next they went to go learn about Israel. I was one of the first people to get Henna so when I was done I got to go learn about Israel myself! The most interesting thing I learnt about Israel is that there's a place call the Dead Sea, and if you stand/lie on the dead sea then it will make you FLOAT!

After Morning Tea we got to go to our next rotation, learning about Russia! It was really exciting when we entered the Year 7/8 hub. The most interesting fact I learnt about Russia was that hundreds of years ago some men and women made a building WITHOUT nails!

I used Growth Mindset today by not giving up with the chopsticks even though it was really hard!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mr & Mrs Twit

                   Mr & Mrs Twit

Mr Twit is a hairy person. He keeps the most stickiest glue in his garden shed. He also puts the glue on the Old oak tree in his backyard for bird pie every Wednesday. Mr Twit  has a very big beard to, on his face and he also keeps lots of old food. So when he's hungry he just licks and something always comes out of it. EW. Now for Mrs Twit well I hate to break it to you but she's WORSE. She "Thinks" that she was getting the shrinks but obviously that's not a real thing!! But anyway! She's a disgusting slob like Mr Twit to BUT she cooks the bird pie and skins the birds like YUCK! They also HATE animals and they also keep Monkeys in cages. Mr Twit wanted to have boy pie when the boys came and sat on the tree, Poor things!
Both Twits have nasty things but they both play nasty tricks on each other. Mrs Twit also has a glass eye, She once put it in Mr Twits glass of beer and he got a surprise! Now Mr Twit wants to have a "Monkey Circus" so he made his 4 monkeys stand upside down for days and days.
Image result for the twits

Pet Day

Pet Day!

WALT:  Describe our pet day.
S.C:  Make the reader understand my feelings about Pet Day.

On the 25th of November Oakland's had a pet day! It was a really fun day and lots of people dressed up as animals. It was a gold coin donation and I really enjoyed it. In the morning we went to the field and we got to see all the big and small dogs, well most of them!
It was a bit cold and rainy but atleast I was in my onesie.

Here's some pictures!

Image result for pug puppy
The pet I liked most was the pug. I don't know who owned it but it was so CUTE!
Image result for pug

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Woodend Camp - Feelings

Woodend Camp   17.11.16
WALT: Describe our feelings about camp.
S.C. reader will enjoy reading my description and my ideas

If you were to ask me how I felt about camp, I didn’t really want to go. When I went I would never regret my choice. Iit was amazing. I think it was amazing because when we turned up everything was so organised and all the bunk rooms were all clean and tidy. When we had free time there was a lot of activities to do the like maypole and the water slide. My favourite was the maypole because 4 people could play on it at a time and Karlie, Claudia and I were swinging on it at the sametime and it was really fun.

My 2nd favourite was the trampolines because I learned on the first day we were there, how to do a front flip. I was really excited when we turned up, but nervous too. I was nervous because I have never been on camp anywhere like that before and I was also nervous because I didn’t know any of the parents or the staff there. But when we turned up I was really surprised how much work they did for safety and how much staff there were and how nice and friendly the staff were.

Camp Activities
All of us got a turn of the following...

Climbing Wall

Team Building